Lorde is Kicked Out of NYC Studio by U2

20-year-old Lorde isn’t quite as well known as we think. While recording her album Melodrama in Greenwich Village earlier this year, she was kicked out of a studio by U2. Bono and the rest of the band decided to take the studio for themselves, and Lorde had to find a new place to record.

Later that day, Lorde headed to an interview with The New York Times magazine journalist Jonah Weiner and told him about what had happened to her earlier that day. While many celebrities would have been outraged and probably attempted to sue U2, Lorde just laughed it off.

It turned out that Lorde was staying at the same hotel as U2, and she saw their guitarist, nicknamed The Edge, at the hotel’s gym.

“I thought about saying something (about the studio clash), but I decided, ‘Nahhh,’” Lorde said in the interview with Weiner.

Although her first album Pure Heroine brought immense success for her in the U.S. and around the world, it turns out Lorde can walk through New York City without being attacked by paparazzi; sometimes without even being noticed.

“Nobody recognizes me,” she said to Weiner. And when a couple fans do see her, she’ll smile and place her finger to her mouth in the universal “shh” sign, which usually keeps them from yelling out in adoration.

Not all of us can stay so calm, though, as shown by the hundreds of thousands of likes and comments on her Instagram pictures:


@idealistice: “damn the coolest chic my age”

@ermahgerditssteven: “SLAYYY”

If only we could all be Lorde.

Liz MacLean
Liz MacLean

Liz MacLean is a New Hampshire native currently living in Florida. She blogs about fitness and nutrition in her spare time (while listening to her favorite bands, of course).

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