Kygo Drops “It Ain’t Me” Music Video and We’re So Confused

You can’t go wrong with blasting Kygo and Selena Gomez’s latest collab “It Ain’t Me” when you’re feeling sad but upbeat and want to dance all at the same time. However, when you watch the music video for it that dropped today, you’ll probably be just as lost as we were.

Dramatic and interesting from beginning to end, the video opens with a couple going for a ride on a motorcycle before it veers off the side of the road. The girl is somehow standing fine but the guy lies unconscious before being rushed to the hospital where he remains hooked up to machines while his girlfriend waits patiently for him to awaken.

As the song picks up the and the guy is being put into a machine for an MRI, we seem to enter his dreams. For the rest of the video, he can be seen walking in a lit-up forest and holding butterflies with his girlfriend dressed in an exotic outfit, frolicking with him.

While it holds a plot that could keep an audience wanting more, we are disappointed that: (1) Selena isn’t in the video at all and (2) the storyline has absolutely nothing to do with the break-up anthem lyrics. It does hold a happy ending though. Watch the full video below!


Regina Gonzalez
Regina Gonzalez

Regina Gonzalez is a journalist and food/music/travel junkie. When the bass drops, so do her problems.

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