Kendrick’s Entire Album On Billboard Top 200 Chart

Kendrick Lamar’s new album DAMN. is easily the most exciting and successful projects of 2017. Last week, it was announced that the project sold over 600,000 units, giving it the highest-selling first week of any album this year.

The album is an extravagant, banger-fueled installment to the historical career of Lamar. Fans are already calling it a classic, and so far, it’s definitely a favorite for Grammy season.

This album is actually amazing, and the Billboard Top 200 Chart proves it. EVERY SINGLE SONG on this project has made not only the top 200, but the top 70. Here is a list of each track and it’s rank:

“Humble” (1), “Loyaltly” (14), “Element” (16), “Love” (18), “Yah” (32), “XXX” (33), “Feel” (35), “Pride” (37), “Lust” (42), “Fear” (50), “Blood” (54), “God” (58), “Duckworth” (63).

If anything proves that Kendrick is the best rapper in the world right now, it’s the fact that almost 20 percent of the top 70 songs in America belong to him. If you haven’t hopped on the Kendrick train by now, you’re truly missing out on history.


Jacob Trask
Jacob Trask

Jacob Trask is a journalism student/screenwriter/hip hop enthusiast. He saves little kids from fires, leads game-winning drives, and writes about hip hop.

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