The Kendrick Lamar Easter Theory; Is There A Second Album Coming?

A day after Kendrick Lamar dropped “Damn.,” a proverbial anvil on the rap game, industrious fans are speculating that he might not be quite done yet.

It goes like this: “Damn.” is a story told in reverse, ending with introductory track, “BLOOD,” where Kendrick dies at the hands of a blind woman who he tries to help while he’s on a walk.

“Damn.” was officially released on Good Friday, the day of the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ.

According to the theory, Kendrick may be planning to release a second album on Easter Sunday: his resurrection.

Is this Kendrick’s way of proving to the world that he’s the God of rap? Check out this itemized list of potential clues.

Among the main supporting evidence is a series of tweets by album producer and frequent Kendrick collaborator Sounwave. Check these out:

Theorists have predicted that the red pill/blue pill theme from the Matrix is representative of the potential dual albums. “Damn.” sees a possessed-looking Kendrick in front of a red brick wall. Strangely, Kendrick’s Spotify profile photo shows him in a “Damn.” t-shirt in front of a blue brick wall.

The red/blue duality is a theme oft-explored in Kendrick’s oeuvre, specifically as it relates to Blood/Crip gang violence.

In last month’s promotional single, “The Heart Part Four,” K.Dot raps, “I said it’s like that / dropped one classic, came right back / another classic, right back, my next album, the whole industry on an ice pack.” He dropped one classic – is he about to come right back?

Are people overanalyzing, or do you think we should brace for a second impact?

Andrew Foerch

Journalism student, news writer, film enthusiast, and hip-hop head. Hopefully some people enjoy reading my opinions.

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