Growing the Perfect Beard

Every man has the ability to grow a beard. However, it takes a special man to keep one in check.

According to Esquire, there are four stages to growing the perfect beard:

-know what you’re working with: You have to be able to accept that maybe you can’t grow the right beard right away. It will take time and maybe you’re either too young, or shaving too soon.

-avoid the neckbeard: Growing your beard without maintenance is one of the worst things that you can do. This will cause hair to just grow freely and even if you’re into growing the perfect beard, you will end up looking like a baby’s head.

-maintain it even as it grows: As your beard grows, you have to learn to shave it in the right areas. Too much in one area and you could end up speeding the hair growth in unwanted areas

-keep it clean and soft: Once you have achieved the beard you want, you have to keep it in check and make sure that you work on trimming it and keeping the other stages in check.

Vincent Leveau

Vincent is a senior at The University of Tampa.

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