It’s Your Friendly Neighboorhod SpiderMars in this Parody Video

With great power, comes great dance moves? Well, in this parody video of Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like,” it sure seems so and Spiderman shows the dancing ability along with the vocal chops of a pop star. Spiderman’s song “That Spidey Life” comes from the youtube channel nerdist and well Spiderman parodies Bruno Mars and it’s awesome. This Spiderman has got the moves to match. In the song, he makes references to Tony Stark, wanting to be in the Avengers, and tells what it’s like to be Spiderman. My favorite line is “Got an apartment with my Auntie, old suit looks like jammies.” That’s some pretty great stuff.

It also has the white animations to go along with it, just like the Bruno Mars video. All around this is how parodies are so supposed to be. Fusing two things we love in this case Spiderman with Bruno Mars and making it one great thing. The song is absolutely catchy and if you watch it, no doubt you will be singing it later. There’s even a Stan Lee cameo just like in every Marvel movie. So if you are a comic book nerd and like Bruno Mars or even just like one of those things, then you will love this video. Now I want more superhero’s parodying famous music stars or music videos. Picture Wonder Woman doing “Single Ladies,” Batman taking on “Thriller,” or Captain America rapping like Kendrick Lamar. If that’s not something you want to see, then I don’t know what is, but here’s the video for “That Spidey Life” by your friendly neighborhood Spiderman. Check it out.

And here’s the Bruno Mars video for you to compare.

Frank Calo

Frank Calo was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio — known for the birthplace of rock and roll, Lebron James, and yes, our river catching on fire even if it was almost 50 years ago.

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