Everyone’s Talking About The Chainsmokers’ Large Typo

The Chainsmokers and their staff must have been smoking something while preparing for their Pittsburgh concert on Saturday, April 22. Well, what’s new?

At the end of an incredible sold-out show, The Chainsmokers decided to end with an encore of “Last Day Alive” off their new album, Memories… Do Not Open, which was released on April 7. The song ended with a huge banner being unfurled, which read: “Thank you Pittsburg.”

While this typo may not stand out to the rest of the world, the people of Pennsylvania were rather upset (Pittsburgh is spelled with an ‘h,’ for everyone who didn’t catch the error).

(Then again, the above person put a random capital ‘S’ in Chainsmokers, so they shouldn’t really be complaining.)

Some people were understanding, though:

The Chainsmokers themselves even acknowledged the typo:

And side note: they’re done hearing about the one mistake they made:

Liz MacLean
Liz MacLean

Liz MacLean is a New Hampshire native currently living in Florida. She blogs about fitness and nutrition in her spare time (while listening to her favorite bands, of course).

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