DNCE and Nicki Minaj are Dogs in New Lyric Music Video for Kissing Strangers

Everything is better when you have dogs added in it (well except those “In the Arms of An Angel” commercials, I change the channel right away as I can’t take seeing those dogs in pain). Well, DNCE and Nicki Minaj seem to believe the same thing as they are dogs in their new lyric music video for “Kissing Strangers.” Each person of the band is a dog for example Joe Jonas is a pug and Nicki Minaj is a pink poodle (I see her more as chihuahua, though, with that high-pitched rapping of hers).

It’s a little weird, though, as the dogs act like humans in a round of speed dating and then the dogs start making out in the photo booth. So that’s kind of weird, but also funny at the same time. I think it’s still true that you can’t go wrong with a little dog action in anything (except those god damn commercials, those can stop). It’s lie adding bacon with any food, it just makes that much better. Check it out yourself.

Frank Calo

Frank Calo was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio — known for the birthplace of rock and roll, Lebron James, and yes, our river catching on fire even if it was almost 50 years ago.

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