DeadMau5 takes shot at Chainsmokers in Snarky Tweet

When it comes the world of DJs, they all may use each other’s music in sets, but who says they all have to get along?

If there were to ever be a “Real Housewives of EDM” show, Canadian DJ Deadmau5 would definitely be the queen of the bitch fits. For someone who performs hidden under a glowing mouse head, he sure has a lot to say.

Never seeming capable of playing nice, he has gotten into a number of memorable Twitter feuds with his fellow EDM artists including Tiesto, Porter Robinson, and even Avicci’s manager. But let’s not forget a golden moment a few year back when Afrojack fired back at Deadmau5 calling him a “first class dick and backstabber whiney lil girl.”

This year, however, the savage mouse took to a new target when The New York Times posted a link to a story with the headline “How Do You Solve a Problem like The Chainsmokers?” Deadmau5 then made it his business to reply with:

Using vulgarity and insinuating that the duo pays a ghost producer to write their music, he didn’t take the liberty of @ing them, so we are wondering if they have seen it yet. The real question is, will they react like AfroJack or remain professional (unlike some people) and let deadmau5 talk his smack?

Regina Gonzalez
Regina Gonzalez

Regina Gonzalez is a journalist and food/music/travel junkie. When the bass drops, so do her problems.

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